Conference Theme

WordPress theme from J Davis Web Design

January 1, 2020
World Convention Center
100 Main Avenue
New York, NY 10017


Conference, a new WordPress theme created by J Davis Web Design, has everything you are looking for in a professional website.

  • Easy-to-navigate site menu with multiple drop down levels that scrolls with you. No need to scroll back to the top to use the menu.
  • Image slideshow in your header or on any content page. Any size, even full browser width.
  • Multiple column layouts--create a different layout for every page!
  • Image gallery with links. Highlight your products, employees, speakers.
  • Embed videos and music from YouTube, Vimeo, Spotify by copying and pasting the video URL.
  • Display Excel spreadsheet data as a table. Fully responsive.
  • Simple setup Contact Form.
  • Stylish buttons and social media icons.
  • Vast array of sidebar and footer widgets--Facebook posts, Twitter feed, Google map, text boxes, images, slideshow, blog subscription form.

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Please note that these are not actual speakers of a conference! Images are from Pixabay and Wikipedia.